USD price today October 29: The greenback experienced a week of increases

 On the world market, USD Index reached 106.58 at 9:00 a.m. on October 29, Vietnam time.

According to newly released data, US GDP in the third quarter increased by 4.9% over the same period last year. Inflation index in GDP data has been controlled.

The latest data from the US Department of Commerce released on Friday showed that the core personal consumption expenditures index rose 0.3% last month, compared with a 0.1% increase recorded in August. Meanwhile, inflation over the past 12 months increased by 3.7%, down slightly from the previous month's increase of 3.8%.

Both increased in line with economists' forecasts. Looking at the broader trend, inflation remains high, more than double the Fed's 2% target.

According to the Wall Street Journal, inflation trends may cause the Federal Reserve (FED) to temporarily suspend interest rate increases. The market waits for the FED to keep monetary policy stable at the FOMC meeting next week.

The upcoming meeting of the Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC), the policymaking agency of the US Federal Reserve (FED), will take place on October 31 and November 1. The market is predicting a 98% chance that the US Central Bank will keep interest rates unchanged.

In the domestic market, the central exchange rate listed by the State Bank from October 23 to October 27 increased from 24,090 to 24,107 VND/USD, an increase of 17 VND compared to the beginning of the week.

The reference USD exchange rate at the State Bank's Exchange is listed at 23,400 - 25,263 VND/USD (buying - selling), moving sideways on the buying side and increasing 13 VND on the selling side compared to the previous session.

The USD exchange rate on the free market this morning reversed and decreased sharply compared to the previous session. In the Hanoi market, at 6:57 a.m., the USD was trading (buying - selling) at around 24,566 - 24,657 VND/USD, down 28 VND/USD on the buying side and down 21 VND/USD on the selling side compared to the previous trading session. .

Bank USD exchange rates, foreign currency and domestic USD exchange rates this morning were adjusted to increase at commercial banks.

Specifically, Vietcombank has a buying level of 24,360 and a selling level of 24,730; At Vietinbank, buy 24,325 VND/USD - sell 24,785 VND/USD; At BIDV, buy 24,420 VND/USD - sell 24,720 VND/USD.

Euro exchange rates at commercial banks buying and selling are as follows: at Vietcombank buying 25,272.66 VND/Euro - selling 26,659.83 VND/Euro; At Vietinbank, buy 25,105 VND/Euro - sell 26,405 VND/Euro; At BIDV, buy 25,459 VND/Euro - sell 26,655 VND/Euro.


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